AI news: New tool from Stability Ai; AI Safety Summit; etc.

Das Wort "News" ( Englisch für "Neuigkeiten" auf aneinander gereihten Würfeln.
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Currently, the topic of AI safety is very important. At the so-called AI Safety Summit in the UK, the intention to cooperate on AI safety was signed. Even the USA and China agree on this (German source). It is always important for computer science students to deal with current topics. And even if you don’t necessarily have to deal with politics, it is still helpful to keep an eye on important topics such as Ai. Because this can not only influence future laws, which you should know as a computer scientist, but also your future job choice and prospects.


There is also progress on the technical side of artificial intelligence. Stability AI has a new tool that uses AI to generate 3D models. This currently still has the status “Private Preview”. Furthermore, there is now Stability For Blender. Blender can be used to create 3D objects. Blender is an interesting tool for game development, as it can be used to create graphic assets.

Everyone is talking about Ai in Bing. But Google also started using Ai in its search some time ago. Now Google Product Studio is rolling out, which contains AI tools to create product images.

Microsoft introduces the Secure Future Initiative (SFI), which includes AI-based cyber defense (German source). Certainly worth a look for computer science students who want to get into the field of IT security.

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